Anderson Lake WMA

Lincoln County

Anderson Lake Wildlife Management Area may be the best wetland birding in Lincoln County.

DIRECTIONS: Anderson Lake Wildlife Management Area is located on Minnesota Highway 19, however, access is not safe coming off the busy Highway 19, so I recommend turning South on County Road 104 and continuing 1/4-mile to a safer place to park. A public access also exists about another 1/2-mile down County 104.

Though this access does not provide much room for walking, it is a good place to scan some of the open water. Part of a flood control basin for the Yellow Medicine River, this area offers a few hundred acres of densely vegetated marsh - seemingly perfect for rails, bitterns, and the like. The upland grass complex, and remnant farm grove provide minimal habitat for migrating passerines, but enough perhaps to lure Loggerhead Shrike into sticking around. Ducks and geese are prevalent on the water, while wrens and sparrows work the reeds and grasses. Although no rare species of interest reported at this location, it seems to have just enough diverse habitat to be a good "one stop" location for the busy birder.

Written by Roger Schroeder

Anderson Lake WMA Map