Ash Lake WMA

Lincoln County

Ash Lake Wildlife Manangement Area is as bit difficult to reach, but worth a quick stop.

DIRECTIONS: Traveling north to Lincoln County Road 16, then turn west and travel 1 mile to County Road 104. Travel North for one more mile, then go East again for 1.3 mile. All this back-tracking will get you to the Ash Lake Wildlife Manangement Area.

At the top of the hill looking East is an unnamed lake basin. If you turn South on the access road to the shore of Ash Lake be cautions; this road is often hazardous when wet. If passable, you can drive down to the lakeshore and mill about in the dense tree cover or stroll through the grasses that line the North and West shoreline.

You can walk the entire Western shoreline through Wildlife Management land past the inlet along the South shore. This WMA differs only slightly from other areas in that it borders a lake that is well used by diving ducks in the early spring. Warblers are also plentiful here in spring and fall. A probable Pine Warbler was observed along the Northern shore woodland, and a Bay-breasted, and Black-throated Green have also shown up here.

Written by Roger Schroeder

Ash Lake WMA Map