East-West Twin Lakes Area

Lyon County

East and West Twin Lakes will be the new home of Lyon County's second County Park thanks to the initiative of Carmen Christiansen. Though not developed yet, the lakes in this area seems to be along the flight path of a migration route for waterfowl.

DIRECTIONS: From the City of Florence on MN Hwy 23, travel southwest less than a mile and turn South on Lyon County Road 51 for about three miles.

The group of Southwestern Lyon County Lakes often seems to hold something interesting; such as the Clark's Grebe on Section Lake in the summer of 2000. Greater White-fronted, and Ross' Geese have been seen several years in spring migration, and a possible scoter was observed on West Twin Lake in 1996. These are some of the uncommon species you might find among the common species with a little bit of fortune. Eventually, you will want to take Lyon County road 52 north past the East side of West Twin Lake.

Written by Roger Schroeder

East-West Twin Lakes Area Map