Savannah Oaks

The Savannah Oaks Golf Course in the new addition of Lynd, MN has opened up previously inaccessible land... so long as birders respect the golf game. Yes, its a golf course, however the managers are attempting to be environmentally conscious, and welcoming. Blue Grosbeak, and Lark Sparrow are two species that have appeared to nest in recent years; either in the golf course area, or the undeveloped addition upland of the golf course. The Lynd sewage ponds are near by, and the mowed areas of undeveloped land have attracted Smith's Longspur in the fall on a few occasions.

NOTE: Birders ARE welcome, but MUST be respectful of golfing in order to keep this relationship viable. Please stay on the paved areas, do not cross the fairways, and be respectful of parking considerations of the area residents.

Savannah Oaks Map